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  • Sunday, October 05, 2003
    So far

    So far this weekend has been really cool. Friday afternoon I went up to University of Delaware and hung out with Nicole. Then we went to dinner at the dining hall with some of her friends that I met who were pretty cool. That was fun but dining hall food is gross and expensive if you don't have the plan. Luckily she payed for me cause I am broke. After that I was supposed to catch up with one of my guy friends but he had to go home for the night for something. So I went to IV instead, the Christian Fellowship club on campus. It's cool, not really my scene but I get to met a lot of really nice people so that makes up for it. After that we went to a HUGE bonfire. It was like at least 10 feet tall and 15 feet wide. There was music and smores and hot chocolate. Nicole and I danced on a big log and "sword fought" with sticks and another girl joined in. Someone set off fireworks there. After we got back to campus Nicole and I went to Anne's dorm and chilled for a bit until I took Nicole to her dorm then went back to sleep at Anne's since her roommate went home for the weekend. At around 1 or 1:30 her sister and some other chick came over and so we didn't get to bed until like 2 am and I was beat. This morning (saturday) I was gonna catch up with my guy friend around 11:30 but he wasn't answering his phone at 11 so I just went home. We'll catch up later. Today Sid flew in and he, me, Paul and I took Annie to the Governor's Fall Festival downtown. It was a cheesy event but had free food and was fun just to hang around. Then we went to Fifer's to pick pumpkins and we got hot apple cider. After some serious pumpkin picking on Paul's behalf we all went to Ruby Tuesday's which was packed. The service was terrible! We ordered out desserts twice and still never got them until we asked someone else. Oh well. Paul and I rode to his mom's house to pick up some Halloween decorations we had there and tomorrow we will decorate the house. We are going to take a train ride too at the Wilmington and Western railroad. We are gonna pack a picnic for when the tarin turns around. I Love the Fall! Well now I am off to put my jammies on. 

    Posted at 1:06 am by KatieNK
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    Sunday, September 28, 2003
    Matchstick men

    Last night Paul and I went to go see Matchstick Men. It was the best movie ever! I loved it, it had the biggest surprise ending than any movie I have ever seen! I think I'm gonna buy it when it comes out on DVD.
    I did a very good deed yesterday. I was watching a Fireman's Parade go past my house (it was very big) from my window. The hour before it started it was raining and storming but then it cleared up just in time. So it was sunny for like an hour and then the rain and thunder came again for the last hour of the Parade. About 15 minutes into the rain and little old man with a bagpipe, who had been marching in the parade with the celtic band, walks up my sidewalk and onto my porch so he can get out the rain. Well I kept watching the Parade (they kept marching) and when it was over and I went outside so see if he was still there. He was so I offered him a ride home or to his car and he refused at first but I insisted and finally he agreed. He couldn't remember where his car was! Man the roads were soooo flooded! I never saw Dover that flooded before! Well he was very grateful and I was glad I offered.
    Well Paul is waiting on my like usual so I better go!

    Posted at 2:49 pm by KatieNK
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    Thursday, July 31, 2003

    I am in incredible pain. I threw my back out playing with my neice at the park. It sucks. I have been on the virge of tears all day and it won't stop! The chiropractor didn't really help but I go again tomorrow. The sucky part is tomorrow I have to babysit again. Wish I didn't have to. Not that I don't want to but I really can't. Not in this pain. Well maybe getting out of this chair would help.

    Posted at 12:21 am by KatieNK
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    Monday, July 28, 2003

    Chestnuts are lazy.

    Hey, did you know that I invented the Question Mark?


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    Sunday, July 27, 2003

    Hi. I am a newbie. This is new to me too, B. 
    We will see how much I actually post. Well, ta.

    Posted at 12:12 am by KatieNK
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